Track international package

Regardless of the online store or the market you have purchased, you can always trace the full path of the order.

International Tracking Number

You can easily determine if your parcel was shipped internationally or not. Most countries and couriers follows UPU S10 standard, created for unification of international shipments which suppose to help track and trace any order from any country. UPU S10 standard suggests to use a 13 characters long tracking number, that starts with two letters, then 9 digits and then two letters.



How to track International shipments?

Tracking international packages sometimes can be challenging. You would need to know which carrier will handle the delivery, then which local postal or carrier company will finish it. After that, you would have to track your package separately on the websites of respective couriers.  With our parcel tracker tool, all of the above are non issues.

Insert your International Tracking Number into search box and see all tracking events history, estimated delivery time, current parcel status and location.  Each official carrier, involved in delivery, will be shown with a links on its company profile page where you can find all important contact information.

International Parcel Tracking

Tracking of an international parcel is as simple as any other one.

We support more than 500 different carriers, and if your parcel was somehow sent with an unsupported carrier, we will get noticed of that and add the needed support to our package tracker ASAP.

International Carriers

Company NameCountryInternational Postal Service
Canada PostCanadaYes

Is International tracking available for your package?

While UPU attempts to unify all international tracking numbers and convince to support Track and Trace service for all international shipments, there is still some exceptions exist.

Make sure, you choose the right service which supports international tracking.  

USPS International tracking

USPS® international mail services go to Canada, Mexico, and more than 190 countries. It offers a wide range of postage services. If you want to have access to tracking the shipment, be careful when choosing one.

USPS International Mail ClassInternational Tracking CapabilitiesShipping TimeExample Number
Global Express Guaranteed®Tracking to all destinations1–3 Business Days82 ‍000 000 00
Priority Mail Express International™USPS Tracking for most destinations3–5 Business DaysEC 000 ‍000 000 US
Priority Mail International®USPS Tracking for most destinations 
Not available for Flat Rate Envelopes or Flat Rate Small Boxes
6–10 Business DaysCP 000 ‍000 000 US
First‑Class Package International ServiceUSPS Tracking for most destinations*Varies by DestinationLZ 000 ‍000 000 US
First‑Class Mail LettersNot Available Not Available

While end-to-end tracking is not available for First-Class Mail letters, you can purchase an Extra Service and get tracking information.

FedEx International tracking

FedEx International ServicesShipping TimeDelivery AreaTracking Service
FedEx International Next Flight24 hours220 countries


FedEx International First1-3 business days20 countries


FedEx International Priority1-3 business days220+ countries


FedEx International Economy2-5 business days215+ countries


FedEx International Ground2-7 business days100% of residential areas in Canada