You can track the packages delivered by Vova Logistics, as well as any packages sent from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, or bought on AliExpress, Joom, GearBest, BangGood, Taobao, eBay,, Shopee and other popular online stores. All you need is your parcel ID!

Vova Post

Vova Post Logistics Service is a logistic service that will handle all shipments from store. - is an international Chinese e-commerce platform  and online fashion store that sells women’s, men’s and kids’ clothing, electronics and home improvement products. VOVA post ships worldwide. Vova company originally registered in Hong Kong(HK) where their offices are located, but  soon they have been exploring options to branch out into more areas as their success grows exponentially. Vоvа has соvеrеd mоrе thаn 200 соuntriеѕ аnd rеgiоnѕ, сlаiming tо “ѕuрроrt 20 mainstream languages аnd 35 mainstream currencies. Vova is very welcoming thе fасtоrу, mаnufасturеr, induѕtrу аnd trаdе integrated sellers.

Vova Tracking

VOVA Post Tracking shipment result

Vova tracking service provides a comprehensive information about package delivery process. To track your Vova parcel, enter your Tracking Number  above into the tracking tool and click “Find”. 

Sometimes, especially when your order shipped internationally, multiple courier companies could be involved in delivery process. On the tracking page, you will see all courier companies that was involved along with Vova Post (Logistics).

The main area of tracking result shows history of delivery paths for current tracking number. From initial postal registration and until your package will be delivered to your house. Every postal office, customs and airports will register your parcel into the system before proceed to the next steps. Therefore, we can see all these events on Vova Post (Logistics) tracking result page. 

Vova Tracking Number

Every order, when its ready to be shipped, receiving its tracking number. Tracking number is an unique shipment identifier which could be made of numbers or represent a combination of letters and numbers. No other symbols is allowed here. Some numbers have no explicit courier identifiers in it, for example: 1234567890 (USPS format). It makes difficult to properly identify the courier company and request tracking information. Fortunately, Vova Post Logistics Service using its own tracking number format.

Vova Tracking number format:
> VO9999999999VA (14 characters, starts with VO)
> VO999999991ME  (13 characters, starts with VO)

Vova Order Number

When you making a purchase on an online store, the set of products that was on your shopping cart receiving and Order Number. This order number mainly designed for online store internal usage. But knowing your order number still could be helpful. If you want to talk with customer service representative, it is very likely that they would ask you about your order number as a reference for your purchase. Can we track Vova shipment using order number? While some of couriers providing this type of service, Vova order number cannot be used for this purpose. Do not use Vova order number when looking for your parcel!

Vova Order number format:
> 0499A9A9A99999999 (16 characters, starts with 04)
> 0499AAA9AA9A9999  (16 characters, starts with 04)

Vova Post Logistics Services

> Vova Standard Shipping Service
> Vova Express Shipping Service

Vova Standard Shipping Service

The Standard Shipping is a most commonly used shipping service provided by Vova Logistics. It is absolutely free no matter where are you living in the world. Your parcel will be delivered somewhere between 15-53 days, depends on your location.

Free Shipping Worldwide via Standard Shipping available.

Vova Express Shipping Service

With Vova Post Express Shipping, your parcel will be delivered in 5-32 business days. While express shipping service could make your order a little bit more expensive, you still can use Vova Post promotions and get significant discount on your shipping cost.

Hint: Order 4 or more items or follow promotion to get shipping discount for Vova Express Shipping.

Vova Logistics Delivery Timeframe

vova shipping cost and timeframe

As it was mentioned earlier, it vary based on shipping service that you choose and your location. The most earliest  delivery time could be as less as 5 business days if you choose Vova Post express shipping service, and up to 53 days for standard service especially you live somewhere on other side on the Earth. The example above shows estimated delivery time and price for US.

5 - 32 business days (Vova Express Shipping Service)
15 -53 business days (Vova Standard Shipping Service)  

Vova Post 6 Shipment Partnerships

Just imaging how difficult it could be to ship thousands of orders in 200 different countries on a daily base. To ensure stable and timely deliveries, Vova Post outsource some delivery lines and organized a partnership with the most reliable couriers:

• Yanwen Logistics
• Chukou1
• SF-Express
• SunYou (SyPost)
• China Post
• 4PX

Vova Post - YW - AIR ECONOMY MAIL- Special Cargo

YW-AIR ECONOMY MAIL is a shipping method provided by in partnership with Yanwen Logistics Company. You can easily track Yanwen tracking numbers at InstantParcels. If your parcel shipped internationally, Yanwen tracking number would work only till it reaches the destination country. Good news! Yanwen provide us with another tracking number, which will be made and used by local courier company in your country. To simplify so complex logistics solution, our service detect lats-mile tracking number for you and request  further information from every courier company, that was and will be involved in delivery process.
 Yanwen Logistics tracking number example: UBxxxxxxxxxYP

Vova Post - YW - Air ECONOMY MAIL

This shipping method are also provided by Yanwen Logistics. Usually, orders sent via this service arrive faster because it is shipped by airplane.
Tracking number examples: UBxxxxxxxxxYP, VO99999999999999999VA, LP99999999999999, PCLP9999999999999999999, AA9999999999YN

Vova Post - CK1

This is shipping method by Chinese company Chukou1, and can be tracked using our service. Tracking numbers look like EYX999999AUW999999, HBM999999AJID999999.

Vova Post - SF eParcel

This is shipping method by Chinese company SF-Express, and can be tracked using our service.

Vova Post - SunYou

This is shipping method by Chinese company SunYou (SyPost), and can be tracked using our service.

Vova Post - 4PX

This is shipping method by in partnership with logistics company 4PX, and can be tracked using our service.


Vova Post - China Post

This is shipping method by in collaboration with Chinese state postal company China Post, and can be tracked using our service.
China Post tracking number example: BZ999999999CN, LM999999999CN


Vova Post - China EMS ePacket

Compared to China Post, China EMS ePacket is relatively faster than China Post air mail as it is specifically designed for the cross border eCommerce. However, ePacket not available worldwide, it is only for South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Greece, USA,  Russia and other 31 countries shipping from China. Compared to other courier service, ePacket has cheaper price and green customs clearance while faster delivery than China post air mail. 
China EMS ePacket tracking number example: BZ999999999CN, LM999999999CN


Vova Logistics Shipping Time Statistics

Vova Logistics Common Questions:

Items shipped via Vova Express shipping are completely delivered about 15 days, however, please be reminded that the delivery timeframe varies depending on the country of destination. You may check the estimated time of arrival on the product details page.

The Vova Express Shipping fee varies from countries and item weight. Details are shown in shopping cart page.

However, to maintain low shipping cost, you can get free or 30% discounted Vova Express Shipping if you buy 4 or more activity items.

Vova indicates the earliest delivery time on the "Product Details" and shopping cart page. On the other hand, the shipping time in order details page shows the latest delivery date which also consider customs clearance and postal documentation as these procedures might have an effect with the shipping process.

VOVA Express is a program that offers you a faster shipping option. If you want to receive your product as soon as possible, this will be a good choice.

However, if you have no requirements on the arrival time, you can change your logistics method on the cart page and choose Free Shipping via Standard Shipping as usual.

Please note that if buying the same type of goods gives you just 1 entry, no matter how many you buy. So we suggest that you choose 4 kinds of products that participate in the "Buy 4 Get Free" activity and it will be more Cost-effective.

The carrier is distributing your package now. Please wait in patience or check with local post offices or website in the destination country.

Contact information and website of the local post office in some countries:

Buyer Protection guarantees items are shipped with valid tracking number and delivered to the shipping address within the estimated delivery date; otherwise, a full refund will be processed. This is one way of making Vova a safer platform for your shopping needs.

Most of our shipments are completed within 30 days, however, the shipping time varies depending on the item and country of destination. This is the reason why we are only able to provide an estimated delivery time frame on the "Item Details" page prior to placing the order.

Once the item has been shipped, we will generate a tracking number and estimated delivery date which can be used to monitor the shipment. These information will be made available on the "Order History" of your account.

Orders typically are shipped within 3-5 days. If your order has a 'Package awaiting shipment' status, then the seller is already preparing it for shipment.

There are a couple of ways you can reach out to Vova if you need something sorted out. You can email them on, contact them via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages using the handle @vovashop.  

Also, you can see the most common questions and answers on Vova Help Center:

  • If you are sender: you can find your tracking number on the Post Office™ shipping receipt, that was given to you while registration.
  • If you are receiver: your tracking number could be located in your shipment confirmation email, or in online store order page.

If you think that your package was lost or stolen, you may contact directly with carrier contact center for investigation.

Vova Logistics contact information:
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Phone: +85281924598

First, please check the delivery standard for the mail class of your domestic item. You can find out the mail class by entering the Vova Logistics Tracking number and looking up "Product Information" Then compare your mail class and progress to what is found in the Mail Delivery Standards chart located in Delayed mail and packages?. The delivery standard chart indicates when your item should be delivered by and when we suggest you could email or call Customer Service regarding your item. Also, if your item has a status of "Alert" a delay could have occurred because of weather-related and other natural disasters or events.

FBA prep is the process of getting your inventory ready to send into Amazon. It mainly focuses on the packaging and labeling of items but some sellers, especially those importing goods, also include an inspection of their inventory.

Vova Logistics Tracking Statuses

Picked up
Arrived at the first mile sorting center
Departed from the first mile sorting center
The item is out for delivery
The item has been delivered successfully
Departed from the firstmile sorting center
EPC wharehouse sign
Arrive at the warehouse
Shipment arrived at facility
Shipment departed from facility
Shipment departed from airport
Shipment arrived at airport
Released from customs
Awaiting pick up by recipient as requested
In Transit
Out For Delivery
Port of departure - Departure
Depart from airport of the original country
PICK_UP Successfully
EPC_SIGN Successfully
Linehaul picked up
Arrive at destination
Departed from customs of destination country
Transfer to last mile logistics providers
Attempt to delivery
Arrived at last mile sorting center
Item Sent to Morocco
Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item
Departed Facility In processing center
Item Sent to Algeria
Departed from AIRPORT of Origin
Item arrived to Istanbul
Domestic Abnormal Shipment
Arrived at Aeroporto di Milano-Malpensa , Custom clearance processing.
INSERTED, no confirmation of arrival
Pick Up By Courier.
Released From Import Customs
Shipment For Transit
Shipment Depart From Hub Scan
Shipment Depart From Original Country
Arrival Import Airport
Port of depature - Departure
Your item was delivered in or at the mailbox at 7:08 pm on October 5, 2020 in *****, IL *****.
Your item is out for delivery on October 5, 2020 at 7:10 am in *****, IL *****.
Port of destination - Arrival
Custom clearance completed
Arrived at AIRPORT of Destination,Custom clearance in processing.
Departure from airport to destination country
Depart From Hub Scan
Arrivata nella Sede GLS locale.
Consegna prevista nel corso della giornata odierna
CONSEGNATA[Albanese Piccolo]
package left operation hub
package processed in operation hub (lastmile tracking number ***** )
Parcle has been delivered
Item delivered
The parcel has been returned to the sender
Delivered by post man
Out for delivery
Item was released by Customs and is now with Canada Post for processing
arrived at airport
departed from airport
PickUp successfully
Arrived at the EPC wharehouse
Arrived at Wise Sorting-Center successfully
Arrived at ThirdPart EPC wharehouse successfully
Arrived at sorting center
Arrived at Duisburg station
contains forbidden goods
Flight landed at Destination country
Delivered, Individual Picked Up at Postal Facility
Send item to domestic location (Inb)
Delivery delay-Recipient not at home
departed from airport of origin
Deliver item (Inb)
Indirizzo errato. In attesa di istruzioni dal mittente per eventuale riconsegna
delivery to local courier
Unsuccessful item delivery attempt (Inb)
Receive item at delivery office (Inb)
Merchant Order Receipt Notification, USPS Awaiting Item, November 18, 2020, 2:23 am
handover to lastmile
CONSEGNATA[Alexandru Sandru]
Parcel received and processed
in customs clearance
customs clearance completed
out for delivery
Any other special checkpoints by each carrier, we should keep in our system for auditing and may have some special logic to handle it
departed from customs of destination country
transfer to last mile logistics providers
At parcel delivery centre
Arrived at Dostyk station
Handled by local carrier
Forwarded by transport
Item arrived to destination country.
Item departed from origin
Arrived at Post Office
your shipment has been delivered
Delivered by airline
Sorting center
Received by Destination Customs
paketet har ännu inte lämnats över till early bird.
Arrived at Sort Facility YT-BT-SZ
CONSEGNATA[Solinas Agliardi]
Arrived at Sort Facility YT-SZ
Arrive at trasit center
Arrived at last mile sorting center.
In distribution with postman
Arrived at international hub
Arrived at Sort Facility SHENZHEN
package arrived at delivery office
Departure from outward Office of Exchange
Arrival at inward Office of Exchange
Attempt Fail
Departure from drop off point
delivery to courier
The shipment has been loaded onto the delivery vehicle
The shipment has been processed in the parcel center of origin
The shipment has been successfully delivered
Receive item at office of exchange (Inb)
Your shipment has been delivered to the postal operator of the country of destination and will be delivered in the coming days.
Arrival distribution office
Arrival from abroad
Departure to distribution network
Out for Delivery, Expected Delivery by 9:00pm
Departed Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item
Item has been presented to Canada Border Services Agency for customs review.
Item processed
package handover to air transport
Shipment information received
Your Colissimo will soon be handed over to us! It is being prepared by the sender. If you have any questions, you can contact your sender or their customer service.
Shipment created.
In transit
International shipment release - Import
Departed Facility in SHENZHEN
Arrived at AIRPORT of Destination,clearance in process
Arrive at international airport to abroad
en transito
en reparto
First parcel scan along Poste Italiane’s logistic network
En tránsito
Delivery in progress by the delivery agent
Arrived Shipping Partner Facility, USPS Awaiting Item
Arrived at Sort Facility
the u.s. postal service was electronically notified by the shipper on march 5, 2021 to expect your package for mailing. this does not indicate receipt by the usps or the actual mailing date. delivery status information will be provided if/when available.
Express Operation Is Complete
Arrive at the distribution center.
your item departed our usps facility in elk grove village il distribution center on march 17, 2021 at 6:26 am. the item is currently in transit to the destination.
your item departed our cleveland oh distribution center annex destination facility on march 17, 2021 at 7:04 pm. the item is currently in transit to the destination.
accepted at usps origin facility
the u.s. postal service was electronically notified by the shipper on march 4, 2021 to expect your package for mailing. this does not indicate receipt by the usps or the actual mailing date. delivery status information will be provided if/when available.
in transit to next facility
Delivered Case closed
Arrived At Transit Airport
Arrival Export Airport
Released From Export Customs
Shipment Depart From Transit Airport
Part Of Shipments Didn't Depart On Time
departed from Airport to destination country
Arrived at the destination country
Last mile=> Destination country post, number *****
Returned to shipper
arrive at international airport to abroad
shipment information received
Shipment has been processed in operational center
departed facility in processing center
Your parcel is transiting through our logistics platforms to be delivered to you as quickly as possible.
The consignment has arrived in the country of destination
Driver is en route - Distribution - Shipment out for delivery
Votre colis est prêt à être expédié, il va être remis à La Poste.
arrived at sort facility shenzhen
departed facility in shenzhen
arrived at airport of destination,clearance in process
custom clearance completed
out for delivery.
at parcel delivery centre.
departed from facility
Pick Up By Courier
Order information saved.
【*****】 S.F. Express has picked up the shipment
【DONGGUAN CITY】 Shipment arrive at the warehouse.
Arrived at Athens International airport on 06/03/2021 04:49PM
Votre colis est en cours d'acheminement.
Item arrived in the destination country.
The item is at the local sorting centre
The item is in transport.
【Dongguan】 Shipment arrive at Dongguan distribution center
【Dongguan】 Shipment transiting to next station
Arrived at Sort Facility.
arrived shipping partner facility, usps awaiting item
Departed from Facility.
Arrived at AIRPORT of Destination
departed shipping partner facility, usps awaiting item
departed shipping partner facility, usps awaiting item
received at opening unit
Shipment received at destination hub/ branch
Your item has arrived in New Zealand
Delivered by driver to Pickup parcelshop.
In transit.
Unfortunately we have not been able to deliver your parcel.
At parcel delivery centre.
Parcel redirected.(Return to sender)
Parcel Infomation Received
arrived at usps regional facility
accepted at usps regional destination facility
departed usps regional facility
Sent to airline
La Poste is handling your parcel. It is currently being routed.
in transit, arriving late
in transit, arriving on time
Received by LMSP
In Consegna
Returning to LMSP
Taken over by the delivery agent
Return to Sender,Processed in Facility
arrived at airport of destination
first parcel scan along poste italiane’s logistic network
arrived at sort facility.
departed from facility.
back to sender: delivered to sender
failed delivery for reason: recipient was not at home
parcel available for recipient pick up at postal office
It was returned to customer's address by CNE
Export customs inspection
Accepted at USPS Regional Destination Facility
Departed USPS Regional Facility
Arrived at USPS Regional Destination Facility
Arrived at USPS Facility
Delivered, Left with Individual
Out for Delivery
Arrived at Asendia facility,ARRSUB
Time at which your consignment was mailed
Check-in Asendia facility,CHECKIN
The consignment has left the border point
Departed Asendia facility,DEPSUB
Arrived at destination,ARRDEST
Processed in facility,PROSUB
Customs retention or investigation,IMPCUSTRET
Sorted for delivery
in transit
picked up at warehouse and onboard ready for delivery
your parcel is being sorted for delivery. we’ll update you when your parcel is on its way to the delivery destination.
delivered by atl
Order has been created
The parcel has been received at the depot.
The parcel was delivered to the parcel shop and is ready for pick up.
The parcel has been sorted at the sorting center.
Accepted by courier
The shipment was delivered.
Arrive at destination Airport
Partita dalla sede mittente. In transito.
Spedizione registrata nei nostri sistemi ma non ancora partita
The Postal operator of destination is handling your parcel. It is currently being routed.
The shipment has been processed in the destination parcel center
Shipment picked up by Canada Post
【DONGGUAN CITY】 Shipment arrive at DONGGUAN CITY distribution center
【*****】 Shipment transiting to next station
【Germany】 The shipment is being forwarded, please wait patiently.
【DONGGUAN CITY】 Shipment ready for leaving the warehouse.
【Germany】 Arrived at the destination country
【DONGGUAN CITY】 Depart from country of origin
【DONGGUAN CITY】 Shipment transiting to next station
【Germany】 The customs clearance is completed.
【Germany】 Departed from local distribution center
Your item was handed over for delivery
Your item has been delivered
Arrive at the airport of the original country
The shipment is in the delivery.
Your parcel has arrived at its delivery location
The parcel has been delivered with signature.
Item arrived at destination.
Departed from Facility in Shenzhen.
Item departed from origin.
Grouped at partner facility
Out for delivery (On the way)
Delivered (Delivered at door)
Your consignment has been picked up
Onboard ready for delivery
the package has arrived at the warehouse and scanning is complete
your parcel arrives at the airport of the country of origin
the package has been sorted and sent from the warehouse
your parcel has arrived at the destination airport
your parcel has expected to take off 2021-08-28 10:00:00
your parcel is being sent to destination airport
Your package has been extracted from the airline airline
gateway transit to destination: kanata, on
package processed in operation hub
package left operation hub (lastmile tracking number ***** )
transfer in destination country
The parcel has left the operation center
The parcel has been received
Waiting for a flight
Flight departure
The parcel has left the operation center
We''ve received your parcel
At the national sorting hub
Delivery attempt made, allow 24h on 07/09/2021
arrived at usps regional destination facility
The shipment has been processed in the parcel center
【Germany】 Collect by Agent
【Germany】 Shipment arrive at Germany distribution center
Arrived at Istanbul Atatürk airport on 01/09/2021 11:21AM
International arrival
International departure to
delivered in mailbox
Order information has been received
Customs declaration delay
Recipient cannot be determined: Name is not on doorbell/mailbox ? Address verification to be carried out and second delivery attempt made.
The shipment has been delivered from the parcel center to the recipient by simplified company delivery
Overseas transit delay
Shipmen has arrived at the station and unloading.
Shipment in transit. Thanks for your waiting.
arrive at sort centre
Delivered. Signed by . Thank you for using SF Express. Looking forward to serving you again.
Depart from airport failed
Shipment operation completed
Departed at the EPC wharehouse
Leaving parcel center to next stop

Vova Logistics Shipping Services

International: yes
Shipping Time: 15-30 days
Tracking Service: Yes
International: yes
Shipping Time: 5-15 business days
Tracking Service: Yes

Your easy-to-use tracking solution for parcels worldwide

Over 620 Carriers Supported